Even after utilizing the collective software development experience of hundreds of software companies and software experts over the years, across the globe, a large chunk of "software projects still fail big time".So the big question is - why does a software project fail, if at all?.

Choosing the right vendor for your enterprise-wide software needs can be a challenge. Successful projects begin with a strong relationship between you and your vendor.

Before you select a system, define your requirements. Create a high-level list of needs. For each item, rank how critical it is to have it right within the same software package. Be realistic: Of course you want everything in one place and perfectly integrated - but distinguish between "must have", "nice to have", and "desirable".

After a release has been defined, iterations have been scheduled, and features to be created during the iteration have been turned into tasks and tests, the real work begins. The team can actually start working through their tasks and building the intended product. Now, new questions arise: “How are we doing?” and “Are we going to make it?”

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